Star Quotes

Nadine Coyle

“Oh my god I love Fashion TV. Thinking of the men I’m going to date next nadine-coyleand the women I’m going to look like.”










Julia Roberts on plastic surgery

julia-roberts“I think I have good DNA. I don’t have to do anything yet.”








“It’s amazing that someone in their home can do a little prank and it canbeyonce-knowles end up on these major radio shows.”








Naomi Campbell

naomi-campbell“I get really homesick for England – I miss Marks & Spencer.”








Michael Douglascatherine-zeta-jones & michael-douglas

“I could not get her into the nurse’s uniform. I did try. I couldn’t do it.”








Miley Cyrus

miley-cyrus“Five minutes before my audition, I spilt Dr Pepper on me and a bird pooped on my head, and apparently that’s good luck because I got the part.”






Ben Stiller on meeting his wife, Christinechristina-taylor-and-ben-stiller

“I was a little bit drugged. We started hanging out and having so much fun that she came to visit me in New York and never left.”






Denise Richards

denise-richards-“It’s no secret what I’m best-known for. My fun bags. Just mention my name and most people will say it’s my fun bags. It’s true. Now I’m proud to say you can get your hands on Denise Richards’ fun bags.”







“Could you put up with that every single time – 45 minutes for a quickie? Exactly, you like it in, out, hurry up, done, wouldn’t you?”


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